Saturday, January 21, 2006

Save the Whale!

Willy probably doesn't have much of a chance - The River Thames is not a good place for a 20 foot, 2 ton northern bottlenose whale, which inhabits the Atlantic and feeds on squid.

The reaction has been curiousity and hopes that he does make it.

But what of the threats to the whales, I mentioned in the blog before? I also cannot help but remember actor Pete Posthlewaite's line from "Brassed Off" which went something like: if this lot were whales you'd be up in arms, but they're not - they're just humans without an ounce of hope left.

Paddy Shannon's observation in "Capitalism and Other Kids' Stuff" (see the links) rings so true: people react towards what's under their nose because that's natural, but move it away and out of sight then it becomes politics.

It's necessary to make the links. Willy is worth saving, as are his fellows. If the life of a whale is worth saving, what of the people who we'll never meet who live with hunger? Action against global warming is urgent, as the impacts it will have on plankton will have disasterous effects on whales and humans.

Making the change requires politics. But not this cause, or that cause, this reform or that reform. The politics must be one that goes to the root of matters - it must be the politics of revolution.

UPDATE: I've just heard Willy died a few minutes ago. Poor thing.

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